the best roadkill, ever!

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it was on a random street i was riding down. some kid somewhere lost that one. it was actually still sort of alive, and i considered putting it out of its misery, but i didn't have the guts :-/

a walk to the store

just walked up the street to the convenience store.
1. i saw liquid water. who knew such a thing could happen, outside-of-doors?
2. if the city is willing to go to the trouble and expense to clear broad avenues of almost all the snow, of course i'm going to walk there! i enjoy the safety and convenience of walking on a cleared sidewalk, certainly, but if there ain't one, wouldn't i be a fool to trudge through a foot or two of snow, when, five feet to my left, there's clear pavement? don't beep you car horn at me: i don't need any reminder that i'm risking my proper health- i'm well aware of it. i just (silly me) prefer such a - very slight, it seems - risk to the - definite - cold, wet, exhausting march through knee-high snow on some of the blizzardy "sidewalks*".
3. i enjoy crossing streets. it's sort of like Frogger. death could come at any moment, if i don't keep my "wits" about me. i've heard rumors, subtle and infrequent, that when i'm walking somewhere, if i wanted to walk an extra half mile or so out of my way, i might be able to find an "intersection" at which it's sometimes possible to cross a street safely by waiting several minutes for the stars to come in to alignment. something involving flashing lights, etc. not so sure i believe in such hocus pocus, tho.


Christmas Music

(or, ok, i'll be retarded/p.c.: "holiday" music)


electric bus stop

why does a bus stop need an electricity meter?
(i checked- it's not spinning)