the best roadkill, ever!

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it was on a random street i was riding down. some kid somewhere lost that one. it was actually still sort of alive, and i considered putting it out of its misery, but i didn't have the guts :-/

a walk to the store

just walked up the street to the convenience store.
1. i saw liquid water. who knew such a thing could happen, outside-of-doors?
2. if the city is willing to go to the trouble and expense to clear broad avenues of almost all the snow, of course i'm going to walk there! i enjoy the safety and convenience of walking on a cleared sidewalk, certainly, but if there ain't one, wouldn't i be a fool to trudge through a foot or two of snow, when, five feet to my left, there's clear pavement? don't beep you car horn at me: i don't need any reminder that i'm risking my proper health- i'm well aware of it. i just (silly me) prefer such a - very slight, it seems - risk to the - definite - cold, wet, exhausting march through knee-high snow on some of the blizzardy "sidewalks*".
3. i enjoy crossing streets. it's sort of like Frogger. death could come at any moment, if i don't keep my "wits" about me. i've heard rumors, subtle and infrequent, that when i'm walking somewhere, if i wanted to walk an extra half mile or so out of my way, i might be able to find an "intersection" at which it's sometimes possible to cross a street safely by waiting several minutes for the stars to come in to alignment. something involving flashing lights, etc. not so sure i believe in such hocus pocus, tho.


Christmas Music

(or, ok, i'll be retarded/p.c.: "holiday" music)


electric bus stop

why does a bus stop need an electricity meter?
(i checked- it's not spinning)



so, here's my intended course of action:
  1. get hold of some tie wire, duct tape, brandy, bolt-cutters, and a sharp razor knife,
  2. drink a lot of brandy,
  3. use my razor knife to slice open my chest,
  4. use bolt-cutters to remove the offending bones,
  5. replace entire right side rib cage with tie wire,
  6. duct tape chest back together (and extra brandy can be used to disinfect!),
  7. spend the rest of the night recovering (more brandy),
  8. live pain-free! :-)
i might need some help with steps 3,4,5, and 6 (i'll probably have to be quite drunk)- any takers?


legal status in Massachusetts

do not retain any hope of having a(n alcoholic) drink in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if you are unwilling to drive a car.
from first-hand knowledge, it is now known that any U.S. citizen visiting the state will be deprived the privilege of imbibing any alcoholic beverages, unless they can prove they will either drive a car or travel internationally, soon enough. else, any visitors have the option of paying the Commonwealth for the privilege of drinking a beer. (q.v. pay me twice fo yo drink, yo)
all hail these gods of (ir-)rationality and (il-)logic.


good and evil in me

i think i've become the person i have because it was more important to me to Not Become what i feared i might than to Become what i hoped.
what i feared was the path that made, for example, the 23 people i interacted with yesterday- the path of horrible ignorance, supplication to the capitalist gods, abject intellectual immolation in the perfectly engrossing fires of (you peoples') society. horrors! succumbing would have meant Bad (if not Evil).
[i can't help but regard Evil-as-result-of-ignorance as Evil. it's a wholly separate point, but one which is, i hope, pretty obvious.]
what i hoped, the truly good, was a path of intense pain, righteous suffering, antisocial and unrewarding Goodness in the face of a world of Bad (if not Evil)- a bit less horrific (i suppose), but so fearsome, for one with any emotional ties to the plebe culture, as to be virtually unattainable for an emotional/moral/intellectual weakling like me. (how long has it been since a moral god walked amongst men? i'm sure i'm not alone, here.) succeeding would have meant good, if not Good. i just haven't been good enough.
so i might not have Become much, but at least i'm Not Bad. so, yeah. i'm a pussy weakling.


STD kills cobras

apparently STD (Super Tony Danza) kills cobras when i'm not around.



what i saw

recently seen:


something curious

something sort of curious i saw outside Walgreens