wads of crap, the Post Office, and morality

because my address is written on a wad of crap, does not make it mine.
because somebody else, i.e. the USPS, chose to put it in a box i've claimed, does not make it mine.
no more bullshit wads of trash- i'm not accepting them.
i've (multiple times, since long ago) informed the USPS that neither "resident" nor "our neighbor" is an occupant of my home. i've "return[ed] to sender" every almost every wad of crap they've stuffed the box with. so i think everyone involved knows that those people don't live here. everyone can't possibly not know, as every one of those wads of crap i return informs them in common english of who doesn't live here.
no more. it's now somebody else's problem. i guess the city? do they clean the sidewalks? (haha!) i know it's not their problem, either, but giving it back to the Post Office is getting to be too much work for me, and i don't know who to charge, as the wads of shit never really have any info on who tried to send them to me. which would make it pretty easy for them to mail contact poison or deadly plutonium or something to me, wouldn't it? so it's nevermore entering my home. it's nevermore staying in my hand for longer than it takes to toss it out into the street.
i like the idea of mail! and i like my mail man! why does a decent guy, and a noble service, get trapped into making more sidewalk litter? i don't really understand society, i guess.
whatever. i'm a decent person (in some ways). i don't throw my cigarette butts on the ground- i keep a little container for them. i keep my popcorn containers in my pocket until i find a waste basket. i put my empty plastic bottles in the recycle bins, i even keep the financially useless pennies people keep handing me. i don't litter. but is it litter if somebody else shits on my place and i kick it away? i'm pretty confident i'm morally pure in this.


_ing a _

so: i once _ed a _. it was pretty _, but in the end, the _ didn't really _ . so _ went _.
after _, _, seemingly out nowhere, _ed and _ed _. that continued, but i _ed it. so i had no idea of the _'s _. i'm still not entirely _. tho _ says _ _ (which i _!), _'s _s don't exactly _, so i just assume _ _s, and i must _. whatever. but the _ would be cool, if it were _. i don't know. maybe i'm just _. i _ so.
so yeah, i'm probably just _, but hey, what's _ without _? so i'll just _ and _. it's not like i've _ed _. (well, i _, but i've _ that _.) so i'm just gonna _ while it _s.
fuck it, the eschaton is like next week anyway right?