Foxboro, Great Woods, And The Civic Center

i'm cool with advertising, i guess. but i haven't gotten a check yet, so i'm Never going to utter the words "G*ll*tte Stadium", "Tw**t*r Center", or "D*nk*n D**ghn*t Center".
and if you use them communicating with me, i'm glad my brain- specifically my mental ad blocker [everybody has one of those on their computer & phone browsers, right?]- is going to redact your speech with wonderful blackouts :-)
same thing- i know what an ebook reader is, but have no idea what "k*ndl*" means. "*pod"? huh? you mean mp3 player?
please use word i can hear. or at least warn me you're going to lapse into verbal spam.
thank you-


"Atheist" is stupid

"atheism" is a stupid idea. "atheist" is a stupid title.
i do not believe in flying purple people eaters. nobody calls me an "a-flyingpurplepeopleeater-ist".
i do not believe 2 + 2 = 7. what's my title for that? do i get to claim an "-ism" for it?
i am not an "atheist".
i'd guess there are words for those who Do believe that 2 + 2 = 5, or that magicky dudes walk on water and are made of bread (with 17% alcohol by volume wine for blood, no less!), or that they're Napoleon, but i took abnormal psychology almost 20 years ago, and i don't remember.
if i Must have a title, please call me "not insane".