i'm really into how, when i watch the television, i get to see people and things in every conceivable shape (sometimes even including their "actual" shapes). as i switch channels, the population onscreen goes from trippy-looking endomorphs to beanpoles, or vice-versa, and back again. squares transmute randomly into rectangles. circles and ovals are interchangeable.
it's especially cool with program transitions and advertising: as a program transitions to a commercial, the people on screen often go from being basically human-shaped to being those crazy-looking three-foot-wide people; when the next commercial comes on, the people i see may become "normal" human shaped again, only to be replaced by the squat-people again 30 seconds later. i never even had to touch the remote-control!
i've concluded that my perception of "normal" human shape -(what i see when i walk outside is generally a population of significantly-wider-around-the-waist-than-me people. i assume they're "normal" human shape)- must be all screwed up, and my took-lots-and-lots-of-hallucinogenics brain sorta falsely believes in consistent geometry.
i am particularly glad that broad- and cable-casters--and media distributors-- don't make any effort to impose harsh, false, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL euclidean law on the true reality i see on that screen.
the television is clearly Metatron.

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