driving cars

i occasionally get to drive a car.
what is it in people's minds that makes them... far less polite... when driving cars?
i watched today, stopped in my mom's car, at an intersection with a stoplight, while a couple of dozen cars drove through, all in nice line, ignoring the person stopped in a car, several cars in front of mine, with his left turn signal on. eventually, of course, the stoplight turned red again, traffic briefly stopped, and the car in the front of the line i was in moved off to the left. it didn't Startle me, but i thought it was interesting.
the car behind that one (the one that got to turn, after the light had changed back to red), also had a left-turn signal on, and i got to watch while several dozen more cars flowed through the intersection, preventing his left turn.
i wasn't anxious, and i'm perfectly happy, while seated in the relative comfort of a car, listening to music, smoking a cigarette, and drinking a coffee, to sit there with my foot on the clutch for hours, i guess. fuck, anything beats standing at an open bus stop in the rain when it's 20* F. so, whatever.
FIRST! what possesses people to NOT let that guy, who clearly wants to turn his car and cross through the intersection to the left, do so? can they not spare the 1 1/2 seconds?
SECOND! why doesn't that guy, sitting in that car, intent on turning his car left, just fucking GO once that light turns green? is is his reaction time really so much slower that he can't risk the incident? people, stopped at lights, can't possibly be THAT self-obsessed that they'd really deliberately accelerate quickly to prevent him. i suppose. unless they're typical fat, self-obsessed, anti-human, thoughtless americans, i mean. and how many of those could there possibly be?
THIRD! when _i_ drive a car, that turn signal has a purpose. it means i intend to move the car in that direction. it doesn't mean, "may i please move this car in this direction". it means i am going to move the car in that direction. if yours is there, it is going to feel the bump.

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