2010 in review

in 2010, i
·    kissed 1986,
·    let children get the better of me, and learned from it,
·    discovered television,
·    gained and lost jobs,
·    sat in the cemetery,
·    drove a car a lot,
·    figured out that i'm done—not by choice,
·    played soccer,
·    climbed a high sheer cliff, and fell off at the top,
·    discovered pop music,
·    got old,
·    got to say "go fuck yourself",
·    became even less human,
·    discovered tomato soup,
·    learned to cook meat (and even touched it),
·    quit,
·    forgot about The Dragon and was conquered by The Beast,
·    threw away apotheosis,
·    threw the football,
·    went to the movies,
·    kissed in a parking lot,
·    faked stupidity,
·    felt emotion,
·    fought bugs,
·    got punched a LOT (punch buggy!),
·    got to say my favorite word, over and over,
·    got to get some cool (i think) xmas presents,
·    lost a penny—The Penny,
·    smelled the good smell,
·    drank beer,
·    got crazy stoned,
·    ate Chinese- and was introduced to moo shu,
·    got lost,
·    swam,
·    reacquainted old friends,
·    slept in the tent,
·    cleaned,
·    cuddled on the couch,
·    walked hundreds of miles,
·    woke up early,
·    felt fear,
·    rolled cigarettes,
·    went to the mall,
·    was never spectacular,
·    quit carrots,
·    disappointed almost everyone,
·    consolidated two-people-worth of everything, then had to undo it,
·    read on the deck,
·    climbed trees,
·    walked woods,
·    got to wake up rather wonderfully,
·    learned New Bedford,
·    met a movie star, a governor, a football star, and a hero,
·    got hit on by cuties,
·    Hated,
·    ate lentil loaf,
·    drank martinis,
·    had eggs Florentine,
·    didn't make it to the party,
·    spent days-long periods without ever communicating with another person,
·    read the news,
·    took responsibility,
·    was completely irresponsible

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