"relevant" advertising

watching tv programming on cable tv, i could just skip past all the commercials.
watching tv shows on tv guide and hulu, the advertising is a bit... more difficult... to dodge. but they both offer li'l boxes to indicate which ads are "relevant" to me.
almost none of them are. my discretionary spending budget is a negative number of dollars, per week.
some of the "tech" ads i might find interesting to watch, but i'm never going to be able to afford to spend $250,000 dollars a month for a phone that can text. (not while i can get a better one that does more for $25 per month.)
and no automobile ad will ever persuade me to spend an amount of money that would feed 3000 people for a year to buy a rolling death trap...
and no "insurance" advertisement could ever convince me that i wasn't fattening obese cats with no discernible benefit to myself...
yet these seem to be the most prevalent... it's interesting, to me, that the least socially desirable things seem to enjoy advertising on internet tv the most...
i know that i (capable-of-thought, incredibly poor guy) am not their target audience. it just makes me sad that the audience really is what they think :(
i'm abnormal :(
$250,000,000 yacht for sale NOW, for ONLY $225,000,000!
is this ad relevant to you?
Chemical Weapon WMDs, available NOW, for a low, low price!
is this ad relevant to you?
a wookee fur trimmer AND a dragon tooth-filer!
is this ad relevant to you?
$250,000,000 yacht for sale NOW, for ONLY $225,000,000!
is this ad relevant to you?

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