sometimes, i...

sometimes, i
  1. make plans, forget to journal them, forget what they were, and send out a torrent of messages the next day saying "when were we gonna _?", and "hey, were we gonna _ today?" [@Shay, @Meg, @Rob, @A. Nancy, ..., ..., ...]
  2. long for pancakes, but i've never made them, so i go to the breakfast place, a block away- and it sucks if it's a Sunday, because, then, the place is packed and noisy-in-a-not-so-good way [@Shay]
  3. drink too much too early, and later regret it: if i were capable of "embarrassment", i'd feel it: wtf did i say? did i really do that? (the tech era is both a blessing and a curse: in times past, i could've hoped i just misremembered, and maybe suffered some friends' reminders. whereas nowadays, there's often a txt msg/email msg/call log/somebody's cameraphone record- ugh.) [@Semple, @(most of the O.G.), @Angela, @John, @Laura, @Steven, @Heidi, @Lyndsy, @Diane, @Meg, @(who am i kidding? @everybody!)
  4. switch too quickly between three books during a day- i'm always reading some fiction and some non-fiction, and then there's the audio book for when i'm busy walking/riding/cooking/etc. maybe i'm easily muddled? do people who watch tv feel that way, when their stories change each hour? [@Rae]
  5. can really dig spending an entire day, sitting on the porch reading a book (or three, as previously mentioned :-P), listening to music.
  6. can be made to feel really nice, because of what i know is completely irrelevant self-brain-teasing. [@Rick M., @the dark-haired chick at Murphy's (name? haha, q.v. #3)]
  7. deliberately lose pages with names and phone numbers. [q.v. #3, #5]
  8. wear headphones and pretend not to hear strangers trying to talk to me. [@everyone who rides the bus, especially]
  9. sit at the computer for a little while on a beautiful day, when i ought to be out accomplishing some fun-ness, because there's something i've got to record before it slips my mind, then that something turns into a monster list of somethings before i can stop myself, and the

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