why i like numbers

with numbers, everything sums to unity... even if the unity is irrational, it's still a unity.
if i do a problem, i can retrace each step and see exactly whether i got it right. if i fuck it up, i can review and find my error, and even fix it.
in the walking-down-the-street world, with people and music and thoughts and old-friends and wants and drunks-at-the-bar and roommates and bosses and pretty-girls-downtown, it's so often almost impossible to tell... did i misunderstand the input? were the premises the input was based on wrong? did i perform a step, in the "formula", incorrectly? was the "formula" itself just inappropriate? is it the left pocket? the right pocket? no pocket at all? did i leave it on a rock, twenty-something years ago? is it under a pillow, waiting for me to find it if i look hard enough?
maybe the universe needs more psychedelics?
i'll just fix a martini.

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