sometimes, i...

sometimes, i
  1. look at someone's computer, but can't find anything wrong with it (heyyy, that's an easy fix!) [@A. Heidi]
  2. look at someone's computer, then look in my bag, and realize i brought everything but the one thing i need to correct the problem :-( [again, @A. Heidi]
  3. get jealous- i'd really like to hear the conversation that went along while the girls made, say for example, a penis cake [@Smeg/Melissa]
  4. want to smack someone for (inadvertently) teasing me with cadbury eggs. mmm. when i die, in a sugar coma, just after Easter, the culprit's initials were SJH [@Shay]
  5. volunteer to work a night, half an hour before i get a facebook notice that a dear friend has a show, that night [@Tania, @Greg (>Douglas)]

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